I am a child of light writing ordinary words about an extraordinary God.



Greetings, and welcome to the odd yet wonderful place that is this blog. While I doubt my ramblings  will create the next Great American Novel, I hope you find something you enjoy among my scattered posts. It’s my hope that you leave this blog with your thoughts wondering, heart warmed, stomach hurting from laughing, or a combination of all three. And if you’d like to read more in the future, subscribe by email or add to your reader to be instantly notified of new content.


It took me a solid month to choose a blog title. I wrote lists upon lists of words, but no combinations seemed to grab my attention. However, the running theme through my ideas was “reflection.” I am a child of God, and am made to reflect His glory, giving off tiny sparkles of His infinite glory. I, a sinner, am evidence of His grace, having been saved by faith through Christ Jesus.

With this in mind, I soon decided on the name you see here. Love is not always loud. Neither is grace. They come softly. They’re not aggressive or in-your-face. They’re gentle. They often go unnoticed. But that’s okay. God’s love knows no bounds, and when a few are impacted, it creates ripple effects. One becomes two, two becomes four, and so on exponentially. But it starts small. A few words may not reach the world, but a few words will reach a few people who, in turn, will reach still more.

Hence, “Quiet Evidence.”


So go find a comfortable spot and sift through these writings. I post every weekend.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless!