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I am a child of light writing ordinary words about an extraordinary God.



Greetings, and welcome to my tiny corner of the Internet! My name is Eliana, and I love Jesus.


Love is not always loud, and neither is grace. They come softly. They’re not aggressive or in-your-face. They’re gentle. They often go unnoticed, but that’s okay. God’s love knows no bounds, and when a few are impacted, it creates ripple effects. One becomes two, two becomes four, and so on exponentially. It starts small. A few words may not reach the world, but a few words will reach a few people who, in turn, will reach still more.


I’m learning to cherish the little packages that God drops into my life. My favorite packages to open contain brisk autumn days, the sun and wind on my face, a cup of tea (paired with a good book, of course), a flaming sunset or a soft sunrise, fairy lights, snail mail, kennings, meals with friends, comfortable silence, macha ice cream, mochas, oxford commas, and naps.


Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy exploring the bits and pieces that make up my life, and that you have a blessed day.