Week Fifteen

52 Weeks of Gratitude, Week Fifteen: Things you like about spring

The Coloring Book in My Memory

My childhood was coffee ice cream.
Chubby legs hanging off the concrete front porch,
more ice cream on my overalls than in my mouth,
and sometimes there were blueberries.

My childhood was Cheerios in plastic cups.
Munching in time to the bird’s soaring song,
chortling laughter and Mama’s beaming smile,
and sometimes we could have second helpings.

My childhood was apple slices.
Road tripping under the glistening sun,
bathing our innocent faces in expectant joy,
and sometimes the ocean would flirt with our pink cheeks.

My childhood was the taste of spring.
The lawn mower clipping along with a friendly roar,
baseball gloves and their fresh leather scent,
and sometimes orange juice waited to renew our imagination.


What are some of your favorite childhood memories of spring? I’d love to hear about them!


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