A Posture of Surrender – Part One: An Introduction

The pastor at my church describes prayer as a posture of surrender and worship before the Lord. It’s acknowledging our smallness and His bigness. It’s offering our lives as vessels for His glory and purposes. It’s recognizing that we are nothing apart from Him and that life ceases to have any true meaning when it’s just about us and our tiny, prideful shells. It’s acknowledging His power and providence, trusting that He truly holds the whole world in His hands. To pray is to surrender control. It is to be still and hear His voice. Prayer is not just about our speaking to God, it’s also Him speaking to us, even if that’s not an audible dialogue. We must listen.

Listening and being still is an area where I find myself needing to grow. Often I walk into church, prayer, and other related set-aside times with certain expectations of what God is going to tell me. Subtext: what I want Him to tell me. I get so caught up trying to hear the answers I want to hear that I block out anything vaguely contrary or different. My heart becomes crowded and noisy with my own desires, hidden under a listening facade. In those moments, I can’t truly listen to what God is actually trying to speak into my heart.

In Psalm 46:10, the psalmist records the Lord’s voice as saying, “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Until recently, I had never stopped to consider the fullness of the wording and exactly what it calls me and fellow Christians to do.

So, over the course of this series I want to delve deeper into each part of what God says to us in this verse:

1) Be still
2) Know that I am God
3) I will be exalted

God’s been teaching me a lot about human weakness, which can be incredibly uncomfortable at times. No one likes to be reminded how fragile they are. No one likes to be told they won’t live forever. But it’s necessary and important. And, furthermore, in Jesus it doesn’t end with the break downs and the sin. He dealt with all of that and so much more when He gave His life up on the cross so that we might know and receive a promised hope, an unconditional love, and an eternal inheritance when we run to Him with our brokenness and our failure.

So stick around for the next couple of weeks and let’s explore this a little more. In the words of someone very dear to my heart, “God doesn’t stop with fixing our broken hearts. He gives us new ones.”


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