A Budget Based on Hope

A couple weeks ago, I was in a meeting where the natural course of action was to discuss the budget. In the middle of this discussion, somebody sighed, “Unfortunately, our budget is based on hope.”

They pointed out how it all depended on whether the powers-that-were liked the idea, how many people were willing to fight for the project, and what other things were also receiving part of the budget.

I immediately thought, not so with Jesus.

When it comes to grace, there’s no if-this-then-that business. If there were, we’d be at a complete loss. Grace simply is. Jesus loves us despite every mistake, every glare we’ve shot in His face, and every time we’ve tried (tried) to shove Him off His rightly throne and sit there ourselves. It’s not anything we’ve done.

How amazing is that!? Because of Christ’s work, we are alive, we are free, we are whole. It’s not the other way around. Jesus did not come to save us because we were good people. He came for the exact opposite reason: we were broken, and He wanted to heal us. It’s because of this grace that we are able to come to Him and worship Him. It’s because of this grace that we find strength to do anything at all, for His glory, in His name.

Similarly, there’s something else tied into that statement, that a budget is based on hope. In the human sense of the word, that seems futile. When we’re trying to get things done, sometimes all we can do is hope, and there’s no guarantee. We “cross our fingers.” We “hope for the best.”

In Christ, hope is guaranteed. Hope is not a last resort; it’s something we do everyday knowing that God is good. It’s not that He isn’t good now and will be good in the future. He is good, no strings attached. What we hope for will be fulfilled. Our hope is in Jesus, and He is coming back.

As Christians, our budget (our life, our future, our relationships, everything) is based on hope. And that is a marvelous thing.


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