Book Review: “Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense” by C. Stephen Evans

As I seek to improve this blog and find new ways to expand it, I want to start posting reviews of the various books (both fiction and non-fiction) I get to bury my nose in. Reading is a favorite past time of mine, both for intellectual growth and for fun, and it’d be neat to share that with you. Who knows? You might discover your next favorite! This first one is a theology/philosophy book I finished reading a couple weeks ago.


We seem to have no problem saying that we believe something. The trouble comes when we’re asked the simple question, why.

C. Stephen Evans’ book is deceptively short. In 140 pages, he provides a comprehensive exploration of the many responses Christians can give to those who question their faith. This accessible introduction to a deeper and theological philosophy is a great resource for those seeking to defend their faith in an intellectual setting. It is also perfect for dispelling the personal doubts that the devil sneaks into the Christian’s mind on a scarily frequent basis.

Evans addresses several challenges to the Christian faith and presents a clear argument for Christians to back up their belief in the gospel. He doesn’t merely brush the surface, either, going as in-depth as to discuss the existence of God and the paradox of the incarnation. He compares religion and science, revealing how they are not separate entities, but a beautiful two-way revelation. He devotes several pages to the differences between Christianity and other religions. He explains the views of historical and modern philosophers, and provides many resources for further research if it so strikes the reader’s fancy to do so.

I greatly appreciate Evans’ balanced perspective of free will and God’s sovereignty. He does not shy away from man’s sinful nature and tendency to push God away, nor does he undermine the life-changing power of God’s love centered around the cross. This middle ground was a breath of fresh air in the midst of a sadly divisive and polarizing issue within the Church.

That being said, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone seeking to defend their faith, or simply understand their beliefs more deeply on a personal level. Evans has done a fantastic job writing to both these ends, and I think many would find this resource quite helpful, eye-opening, and convicting.


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