At any given moment in time, I have several draft posts sitting behind the scenes of this blog. Some of them just sit there for weeks because I either forget about them or am not completely satisfied with their quality just yet. So they wait. They’re not published. Nobody reads them.

I feel like a lot of our life consists of drafts. There are all these things we say we’ll do and never start, or things we start and never finish. And especially when God calls us to do something a little scary, like sharing the gospel with someone, we have a long artillery line of excuses ready to fire off. We wait until we think we can do it just right and find the perfect words, the perfect method, and the perfect timing.

But I’m learning that perfectionism is just a trap.

There is no such thing as doing something perfectly. Yes, it is good to prepare, but we shouldn’t get so caught up in preparing that we lose sight of why we’re really doing something. Sometimes we just need to dive in and ask God to propel the rest. Because He will. When He calls us to do something He doesn’t abandon us to do it on our own. He goes with us. He speaks through us.

The only perfect plan around here is God’s. So let’s begin by trusting in His instead of making up our own. Yes, we are called to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us, and usually that implies faithful work. But the point is that our work is for His glory, not our own. And when we have that mindset, we can leave perfectionism (and our pride) in the dust.

“When I am so filled with me, there is no room for Thee.” -Unknown


2 thoughts on “Perfectionism

  1. I like what you said about just diving in. I think quite often when we feel God’s leading and just dive in, we find things unfold not quite the way we pictured them in our minds, but nevertheless we can still see God’s guiding hands in the outcome! Okay, everybody in the pool! Go for it!

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    • Amen! His plan is richer and more amazing than anything we could imagine at first. And He pulls us into the deep end of His grace, causing us to relinquish all control and just trust Him. Thank you for your comment!

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