Time’s Not Guaranteed

It’s scary how easily we take for granted those things we experience everyday. The air in our lungs, family and friends around us, our hobbies, the Internet, time…

We forget to be thankful for these things.

But what if, to quote something I heard the other month, “God took away everything we forgot to be thankful for?” Of course, we know that’s not how it works. God is gracious far beyond what we deserve, and works are a manifestation of faith, not the other way around. But what if? How much would be taken away?

When something, or someone, is taken away from us, we realize just how much that thing or person meant to us. We wish we had spent our time better. We wish we hadn’t hung back from saying words that needed to be said. We wish we had done something more, whatever that might be.

We wish we hadn’t taken it all for granted.

Life and time aren’t guaranteed. We won’t always have a tomorrow. None of us are entitled to another day. The reason I’m here writing this post, and you’re reading it, is because God woke us both up this morning. He breathed life into our lungs so we could go love His people, our brothers and sisters. We’re not just wandering around without a purpose. On a pilgrimage, yes. Stuck here without reason, no.

Let’s make every moment matter and recognize just how blessed we are. May our battle song be God’s love, and may we glory in our Redeemer.


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