Lessons in Blogging

This blog is barely a month and a half old, but I’ve already encountered several things about blogging that I find quite interesting. There is a lot of give-and-take in the public eye, and it’s a continuous battle ground to fix one’s eyes on what really matters.

1) It’s frustratingly easy to base the quality of one’s writing on the number of views, likes, and followers that any given post produces. The other week, I even caught myself paying more attention to the tags I used rather than the content of my post. In a world chock-full of people, all clamoring for attention, it can be rather depressing to upkeep a public blog. We start to feel like our words only matter if tons of people read them. But that’s not completely true, for two main reasons. First, ideas spread exponentially, and second, lovingly impacting a few people is way cooler than thousands of apathetic readers just scrolling trough their emails. The number of followers we have does not determine the strength of the Gospel. God’s love will go out no matter what barriers try to stand in its way (key word “try”). We’re the messengers, and God’s promises are our message.

2) There’s a constant pressure to churn out content that people will like. The struggle to please everyone is too real. Not everyone is going to believe what we say; that’s a given. The key is not letting that stop us from continuing to write and share what God has placed on our hearts. I write because God has given me this gift, and I want to use it to proclaim His glory.

3) It’s easy to fall into the trap of attracting readers based on the extent of one’s writing abilities. But that places more emphasis on the form, rather than the actual content. And the content’s power, if I’m writing about Jesus, comes from who Jesus is, not my human words. In the words of a pastor at my church, “Otherwise people pay more attention to our rhetoric than our Savior.” It’s a balance between conveying something in a way another will  understand, while also refraining from placing all our worth on our abilities. The strength comes from God, and He uses our weakness to display His strength.

I know I opened up a ton of cans in this one post, but I can pretty much guarantee many more rambles on those fronts in the future. In the meantime, I hope you have a great week!


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