Running Late

We’ve all been there.

That one pesky traffic light just happens to have a long line of cars snaking towards it. That one school bus just happens to be five seconds ahead of you in getting out the door and crawls along, stopping every-other house. Or there’s an elderly driver ahead of you, and you are trying very hard to be respectful to them, but the case still stands: you’re running late, as evidenced by your racing thoughts, sweaty palms, and shuddering heart beats.

A friend once told me that they’d adopted a new outlook for situations like this. It wasn’t meant to be. And sometimes, that’s really true.

We do everything we could possibly do to be on time. We wake up on time, we sneak in a granola bar (or a Poptart if you’re feeling adventurous) for breakfast, we pull out of the driveway, and we reach that mid-way point landmark exactly on time.

We can’t predict the traffic light. We can’t predict roadwork (no matter how awesome the newfangled GPS systems are, they’re fallen beings just like us). We can’t perfectly time our leaving the house with everyone else’s as they, too, rush to their appointments.

But God can. And nothing happens outside of His purposes for each of us.

The second part of my friend’s perspective ties back to how God knows what is best for us. We might have done everything right, at least in our opinion, but if it’s not meant to be, there’s a good reason. “Maybe God wanted me to listen to a few more lyrics from this song,” my friend says with a bright smile. “Or being five minutes late impacts the people I come into contact with, and how I impact their lives.”

God’s plans are more complex than anything we could imagine. But they are always good, and nothing happens without being a contribution to that amazing day when Jesus comes back to bring all of His family safely Home.


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